A dental implant is an excellent treatment for replacing missing teeth or for helping to improve the fit of a denture. It is a small, titanium post that replaces the root of a missing tooth. They can support a variety of treatment options – a single tooth, multiple teeth, partial denture, and full denture. Custom-fit artificial teeth (restorations) are secured to an implant when replacing missing teeth. When being used to improve the fit of a denture, the denture is able to snap over the top of the implant for a more secure and stable fit.

The benefits of an implant …
Like the roots of natural teeth, implants are fixated in the jaw bone which help preserve bone and keep the jaw bone healthy. An implant is strong, comfortable, and secure. When replacing missing teeth, implants and their restorations look and feel much like natural teeth and in most cases you can floss between them. When being used for denture support, implants help secure and stabilize your denture so you can talk, eat, and smile without the fear of your teeth moving or losing their suction. With careful homecare and regular checkups/cleanings, an implant can be an excellent long-term solution to many dental problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment…
Depending on the situation, placing an implant involves several phases. First, we determine if an implant is right for you based on your treatment desires, dental condition, health history, medications, and available bone. In many cases, a special x-ray (CT) will be required to evaluate the bone for implant placement. In some cases, teeth need to be extracted and a bone graft completed prior to placing the implant. Once we determine that you are good candidate for implants, the implant will be placed at the appropriate time. In most cases, people say the implant surgery is easier than having a tooth pulled! It will generally take 5-7 days for the soreness to resolve, and the time required for the implant to fuse to the bone will generally vary from 3-6 months depending on the case. The last step is to attach your beautiful restoration to the implant or add the snaps to your partial/complete denture for a better fit. When recommend regular cleanings and checkups.

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